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Who We Are

Pakistan is a nation with a quickly developing population, the majority of which lives below the poverty line. Disregard of the lower units of population by consecutive governments in Pakistan offered ascend to the need of interchange Organizations tending deeply issues of absence of education, medical issues and numerous others looked by ‘those who lack wealth’.

In Pakistan the NGO segment is developing step by step and their critical job has been watched especially in reacting to calamities and bringing issues to light.

 The quantity of NGOs has expanded drastically, alongside a huge impact and development of their tasks. NGOs currently impact policies and dispatch activities that used to be about only the area of governments and for business associations.

Malik Aftab Hussain

President (ROPWA)

Abdul Razzaq

General Secretary(ROPWA)

Farewell For


In a statement, Rights of People Welfare President M.A Hussain, Senior Vice President Noman Qureshi, Secretary General Abdul Razzaq, has paid tribute to DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor for leaving the post of DG. As a way, they raised the morale of the Pak army all over the world, it will be written in golden words. In a statement released by Rights of People Welfare, A very warm congratulation is given to newcomer DG and it is expected he will also raise the morale of the Pak army in a same way.

Rights of People Welfare President M.A Hussain,Vice President Samama Azher , Secretary General Abdul Razzaq and Atiq Chaudhry, President of the District Central, in a statement praising the services of DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor, saying that Major General Sahib’s positive response to Pak Army worldwide. The efforts to highlight the character are admirable. Through the media, he maintained a healthy relationship between the military and the people.We hope that future DGs will continue to maintain these pleasant traditions.

Meeting with

Provincial Municipal Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah

President of Rights of People Welfare Association ,Senior Journalist M.A Hussain met provincial Municipal minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah at his residence.On this Occasion, He was presented with a rare photo of Hazrat Ali R.A, who was brought from Iraq. Talking about the early reception, Vice President of Rights of People Samama Azher, Secretary General AR Abbasi, Senior Vice President Noman Qureshi said that the ceremony will be organized in honor of prominent service persons in the city soon.

Pictures of Meeting

What We Do


— Provide Service to the suffering humanity

Our sole aim is to provide service to the suffering humanity.


— A voice against social evils

Our sole aim is to raise voice against social evils


— Helping those who deserve the spoils of honor

Our sole aim is to help those who deserve the spoils of honor


— Speeding up the contact between Police and Public

Our sole aim is to provide a better understanding/contact between Police & Public.


— To raise the voices of citizens' rights in all government departments

Our sole aim is to raise voices of all citizens to almost all government departments.


— We Consult

Our sole aim is to consult several issues from citizens.

Protest For Pervaiz Musharaf